Kate Weber actively blogs on: higher education, media concerning sexual violence, culture, running, being a 30 something, feminism, gender equality, and her two main passions to advocate for: ending sexual assault/violence and ovarian cancer awareness/prevention.
The past two items became her main focal points due to  first hand personal experiences. Kate is proud to have had been healthy and all check ups post surgical removal of cancer near her right ovary (December, 2012) clear as well. Her experience with ovarian cancer made her aware of how little knowledge of symptoms, free screenings, and success of research exist for women affected with this disease.
Kate is very open about a horrific stranger sexual assault that took place outside of her decade plus long home in a large college campus community (October, 2015.) Her experience going through surviving her sexual assault, as well as her career time spent in higher education, motivated her to her true passion in life: advocating to completely diminish sexual violence through cultural change. Her main focus is within Higher Education and collegiate campuses based on her training, knowledge, history, and past leadership supervising a staff of over 100 students.

Kate has a strong desire to show forward that she is one woman, doing everything she can to address needed change (and she wished to state she is not perfect!) Her writing is often honest, from the heart, her own truth, and based off of personal experience(s.)
Kate’s passion is externally showcased by an advocacy streak she put into her hair labeled her, “tough as teal.” The color is teal to represent Ovarian Cancer, Sexual Assault, and PTSD.
Her philosophy is that outward showing of advocacy can start much needed conversations at the most subliminal and intimate level; and that is the necessary process for change.
Kate is working with a network of other survivors to further her work.
She can be emailed at toughasteal@gmail.com or you may follow her personal Twitter account @katers513 while generating conversation using the hashtag #toughasteal
Kate looks forward to living her new life under her manta of being toughasteal and connecting with others on the subject.


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