Love Thy Neighbor

“All you need is love…” ~The Beatles~

Aren’t we supposed to say “hate the sin, not the sinner….?”

I’ve noticed a trend lately. There appears to be a whole new entity of “isms” and prejudice(s) present in our country. Its not about being red or blue, but one side of the aisle of the other but more. I have witnessed pure hatred between people who consider themselves decent, law abiding, some Christian, people towards people who voted differently than they did the last election. Hate towards a person simply because they voted differently than you.

I am talking hate, disgust, contempt towards one another. Severances of friendships. Lack of understanding. Just labeling of another person and assuming they are BAD or a supporter of (insert.) I know of families split, and friendships ripped apart. I could keep on going.

This is a new “ism” in my opinion. This is not loving thy neighbor. This is hating someone based on how they voted. Aren’t we a country united on the belief that this shouldn’t be happening at all anymore? Freedom of so many things, religion etc. If you were to gossip with your friend that you couldn’t stand so and so because they were practicing a religion different than you, a different ethnic make up you would be a bigot or racist. This is a slippery slope folks and not much different.

In order to grow and not be where we are at, we have to talk about the uncomfortable in the moment of reality. We have to stop seeing things from our own lenses, and own jaded media outlets (and they are all jaded and adding fuel to the fire…another topic…) No more finger pointing.

So lets all embrace one another. This past year has been ROUGH! I am sitting in a newly reopened public space wearing a mask. A year ago when this would not have been my norm seems so far away. So lets imagine where we all can be a year from now. Will you have learned from your friends? Had meangingful conversations? Opened your mind and heart up? Mended wounds? Disenganged from hurtful social media?

Where do you want to be a year from now? What is ACTULLY in your realm of control?

You actions of kindness, respect and more. I am so serious when I say this. You don’t have to agree with everything, everyone, and may be upset about the election or possibly still celebrating. Neither makes you a better or worse person. It makes you a person who made a choice.

So what choices will you make? Will you go shovel the walk for your elderly neighbor or not because their political signs tell you your have differing politics? Hold open the door for the person still wearing the whomever 2020 pin different from you at the grocery store? Will you put away the judgement and go back to looking at a person as a person.

We were commanded a long time ago to love thy neighbor. I could think of nothing more fitting for Valentine’s Day week.

Spread the love.

You might be surprised.